Friday, May 27, 2011

Can the New Yahoo Mail Beat Gmail?

Before there was Gmail there was Yahoo Mail and MSN Hotmail. But when Gmail came many made the switch.

These are the reasons:

1. Large Storage Capacity

When Gmail came at the scene in 2004 it offered an initial storage space of 1 Gigabyte. Meanwhile Yahoo Mail and Hotmail were only offering 4 megabytes of space during that time. In 2004 Yahoo was promoted to increase the email capacity to 100 megabytes. If I remember it correctly, you have to pay if you wanted additional storage capacity.

The move by Google was significant because email is very vital and space can quickly run out if you frequently communicate through email.

It is such a relief that you don't have to worry about the number of emails you receive and you have a peace of mind that succeeding emails will not bounce back to the sender.

Google has since increased the capacity to more than 7 gig and Yahoo offered unlimited storage.

But it was too late for Yahoo.

2. Search

Gmail was the first to introduce the use search in email applications. Before you had to go through each email if you are looking for something.

3. Threaded conversation

Gmail neatly organizes email and the corresponding replies into a single thread. This way the emails are organized and you can quickly follow along the conversation in each of your email.

4. Amazing Spam Filter

Google has one of the best spam filter there is. It is really amazing how they do it. Whereas with Yahoo, my emails easily amidst so many spams.

5. Reliability

Gmail is very reliable compared to Yahoo Mail that suffered from frequent glitches. There were times that the emails does not reach the recipients for a couple of hours and even one whole day. This has led to some miscommunication and confusion.

But Yahoo announced that they will be rolling out a new email service last May 24, 2011.

The new service promises more speed, organization, and efficiency.

We will find out in the weeks ahead.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Smartbro Broadband vs PLDT DSL Internet

As you all know PLDT and Smartbro can be considered a single company. PLDT is the mother company and Smartbro is its subsidiary company.

The company as a whole offers two kinds of Internet connections: a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and a wireless broadband internet.

If you are thinking of applying for internet connection you may be wondering which of these two is better.

Let's take a look from the Wireless Broadband Subscriber's (Smartbro) perspective.

1. There is minimal interruption of service. This is true because data travels through air instead of wires. You won't lose your connection because of faulty telephone wires, wire theft (happens a lot in our country), or telephone wire accidents (typhoon).

2. You don't need an existing telephone line. With DSL, if you don't have an existing phone line you still have to apply for one. This could take some time because PLDT has to check a lot of things like, is there an available slot in your area? If there is none, you will have to wait until a slot becomes available.

Meanwhile, Smartbro will only need to setup an antenna in your place. The longest time a subscriber will have to wait for their connection is about two weeks.


1. Connection is Noticeably Less Stable Than DSL. When you view videos with DSL versus Wireless Broadband, wireless broadband will buffer more often.

Bandwidth quality significantly drops when sharing with atleast one more computer. Meanwhile DSL's bandwidth is ok up to three or four computers.

2. Static IP. The assigned IP does not change. This can be a disadvantage with regards to privacy.

It is also advantage with regards to file sharing websites. Most of these websites has time limits. If you have you have used up the limit you can't just reboot your modem and get another IP address (File sharing websites uses the IP Address to identify it's users).

3. Shared IP. Aside from having a Static IP address you are also sharing it with other users probably near your area. Again the problem with this is that you will often get messages on certain websites that you have used up your limit when you have not even visited the website yet. Example websites were this often happens are file sharing and video sharing websites.

And also, if the shared IP address is being investigated for criminal activity by one of it's users, the other user's will also be involved. Fortunately, we haven't heard or known such case happening yet. But it can be a possibility.

4. Commercial Interruptions. This is one of the most annoying thing about Smartbro. At times, you will experience your browser going to a Smartbro Advertisement without your consent.