Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Disadvantages of Big LED/LCD Monitors

When it comes to computer monitors we all want it big, perhaps, as big as our pocket can afford. The reason for this is because we expect large monitors to give us better viewing experience. But actually, that is not entirely true.

There are also some disadvantages for having a high resolution monitors.

Need to View Videos in High Definition

To appreciate watching videos in your big monitor, the video must be HD. You are going to notice pixelation when you view a 360p video from Youtube. Therefore, you should opt to view using 760p.

Demands a Larger Internet Bandwidth

But 760p and higher resolution videos are going to “demand a larger internet bandwidth”. If your internet subscription is not fast enough you will have to endure a lot of buffering.

Requires More Computer Memory

Every pixel used by your monitor will consume computer memory. The higher the resolution, the more RAM it has to consume.

Need More Powerful Video Card

Higher resolution monitor requires more processing power. A 1600x900 pixels resolution will demand more processing power than a 1024x768 or 800x600 resolution. You will notice this when you are playing computer games. Your PC Game will always respond faster at lower resolutions.

Large Blank Spaces When Surfing the Internet

Websites are currently optimized for 1024x768 display. If you are using a higher resolution you will notice large blank margins on either side of your screen.

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